About Us


To ensure Australia is the healthiest nation in the world by 2025


To empower a social movement across the globe for better physical and mental health through food


At The Grazery we are all about making life simple, as our days get busier and we all have less time to look after ourselves we tend to look for a fast option for nourishing our bodies, these fast options tend to be unhealthy and full of preservatives. 

The Grazery is committed to serving you fresh, preservative free, healthy food fast. With our plate options you will be able to select one protein, one staple and a healthy serving of fresh salad.

We also understand that some people are time poor and need to eat on the run, so we have an option to wrap all the goodness up for a quick alternative.


Protein Staple Salad
Proteins are the building blocks for life. You need protein in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new ones. We offer 5 different types of protein and this is the first step for building your healthy meal. Your choices are: Lean grilled Beef, Grilled Chickenstrips, slow cooked Lamb, grilled Salmon or The Grazery's Vegan Patty. EVERY MEAL NEEDS A STAPLE, WHETHER YOU ARE FOLLOWING A PALEO DIET, ZONE DIET, 5:2, VEGANISM OR GF WE HAVE AN OPTION FOR YOU. Your choices are: Brown Rice, root vegetable Mash, roasted Vegetables or maybe on some sweet potato Wedges. For all of you that follow a no carb diet we are more than happy to substitute your staple for a bit more salad. Finish you meal off with one of our selections of salads, We have lots of options for all of your diet requirements, Choose to add dressing or some extras like cheese, chilli, nuts, and lots more. All items on our menu are available to take home separately for all those time you just need something to add to your meal.